Friday, July 30, 2010

4 weeks today since my procedure

Well today is exactly 4 weeks since I have had my liberation procedure in Tychy, Poland!  I continue to see improvements every day.  Yesterday, I was talking on the portable phone and walking with my cane into the living room.  It was my husband who pointed out to me what I had just done.  Previously I had to sit down to talk on the phone, never could I have walked and talked at the same time, let alone carry a phone.  

I am so happy to have this increased energy.  I know I must not overdo it but it feels so good.  On Wednesday I did 4 loads of laundry and still had the stamina to take a shower before settling down to watch TV. My problem is still my left leg.  Every day I try to lift it when I walk rather than just dragging it. I still struggle to try to lift it.

Yesterday I got an appointment to do a follow-up doppler ultrasound on Sept. 24 in Barrie, Ontario.  This will be done by a technician who has been trained and follows the CCSVI protocol.  The technician  works with Dr. Sandy MacDonald who is a vascular surgeon.  He is the one who appeared on W5.  He has used his own funds to test and study CCSVI in MS patients and has spoken to Parliament to have this treatment funded.  I am so happy that I can at least get this follow-up done in Canada although it would be nice to go back to Poland as we had such a nice trip!

So far 2 other people with MS from Cornwall have their appointments in Tychy, Poland at the end of August and another lady from Calgary goes at the beginning of Sept.  I'm also waiting to find out the dates for another 2 who have asked to get the procedure.

I continue to stay in touch with the group who were in Poland at the same time as me and I am happy to report that many have continued improvements although some more than others. 

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  1. Hi Sue, it's nice to hear you're feeling improvements. I love your comment about being able to walk and talk on the phone like you used to! Good news that you have a follow-up with someone in Canada---someone working with Dr. MacDonald.
    I hope your healing continues. On my blog I posted a pic of you and others from our group ( Take care now!