Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I have been liberated

On July 24th I left for Poland with my husband to get liberated by Dr. Kostecki and Dr. Kuczmik in Tychy and had the procedure on July 2nd. The doctors were surprised that it was my right side that had the stenosis since the doppler ultrasound showed flow problems on my left side only. Both azygos were fine and I had ballooning of my right side only. I have a copy of the whole procedure to watch on a CD.

We stayed at the Hotel Arena and I met many people from all over who were there to have the CCSVI procedure. There were people from San Francisco, the Netherlands, Hungary, the UK and many from Canada (Vancouver, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Labrador). We shared our stories and made lasting friendships.

I created this blog to keep track of my progress and to share this information with everyone.

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