Sunday, August 8, 2010

Not a Good Day Yesterday! - August 8th

Yesterday I was supposed to go to a BBQ Party at my friend's place in Ottawa.  I woke up yesterday morning feeling tired and achy.  Tired, because I did not have a good sleep as my left foot had shooting pains in it during the night and achy with a sore back because I think I overdid it with 2 days of exercise. 

I have been having problems with soreness and swelling on my left foot for over a year.  I had an x-ray taken and saw a specialist.  He says that I need orthotics because of the way I walk and I have very flat feet.  He also says that my x-ray shows some arthritis near my big toe. My foot does crack sometimes when I walk!  Not sure what that is about, maybe it is so used to being dragged that  it cracks when I do try to walk on it.

Well I had every good intention of going to the party and was hoping that my body would be more cooperative as the day went on.  My husband was working on the shower in the basement and I was going to use him as an excuse for not going to Ottawa but the truth is I did not want to show up at the party struggling.  Since I have not seen many of these friends that were going to be at this party and they contributed financially to my procedure, I did not want to let them down.  I wanted to walk in with my cane without using my husband's arm for support. 

I guess I should be content for the improvements so far and stop worrying about everything else.  I know this is still an unproven treatment.  But based on many positive testimonials of people who have had the procedure, I was hoping for better results so far.  I know it's still early and I have not been able to walk unaided for quite some time.  I have to remember that I originally hoped to simply halt the progression and that any other benefits would be a bonus. 

I made an appointment for Tuesday to see a podiatrist.  Maybe he will be able to help me with my foot.  I will let you know how it goes.


  1. Hi Sue, I'm sorry to hear about the back and foot problems---hopefully the podiatrist will help with your foot.

    You're not alone if you're feeling less symptom relief because I'm going thru that too. For about a week now I haven't bounced back after I got too hot (previously I would just go back to the way I was before overheating but not this time!) I'm using my cane again and when people ask I just explain what happened. Your friends likely will understand too.

    Hang in there. At least we know what worked for us! Take care, Patrice

  2. Sue, I totally understand your apprehension, but really, we just want to see you and your hubby! Patrice is right - we will understand.

    I can't imagine how difficult it is not to hope for more, but please don't be so hard on yourself. You are seeing improvements you would never had seen if you hadn't gone to Poland. You have an amazing amount of courage girl and you inspire us all!

    We love you and can't wait to see you at the end of the month!