Friday, July 16, 2010



This is what it cost me in Canadian funds: 
Cost of procedure including deposit was $5,775 - $300 refund since I did not require a stent = $5,475  (13 000,00 PLN - $1 000,00 PLN refund)

(This included 9 nights - double room at the Hotel Arena, our breakfast and the transfers to the airport and appointments - Doppler ultrasound examination / Vascular surgeon consultation - MRI examination and neurological consultation)

Airfare was $3,517.  I believe there are cheaper rates if you book earlier and you don't mind a few transfers.

So we spent a total of $8,992 + our food, drinks and sightseeing.
We paid a deposit of $1,450 Cdn before leaving by bank transfer (all this information will be sent to you) and we paid for the balance by credit card at the clinic before I went in for the procedure.


Found a link to our hotel in Poland – Arena Hotel in Lychy - on website - click on second round button in top right corner for English.

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