Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday, July 6

Well, today I woke up with a sore back. I have not had a sore back since before leaving for Poland. I probably overdid it yesterday with all the laundry and catching up. But the good news is that I'm not feeling fatigued.

A person (drbart) who was part of our group has posted on the forum "This is MS" some information about the group of people who were liberated last week and whether they had stents and/or angios. See the link above "This is MS" if you want to see it.


  1. Hi Sue. Good to hear that your fatigue is better! I've caught a big cold with sneezing, coughing and sleeping a lot---so I'll keep the post brief. Take care.


  2. Great blog Sue - look forward to reading about your progress!