Monday, December 13, 2010

The Report of My Procedure

I have attached the report of my CCSVI Procedure if anyone is interested in reading it.  It is included in the tab above.

Friday, December 10, 2010

One Week Post Procedure - December 10

Well, it's been one week today since I was treated in Brooklyn, NY.  I received today the report of my procedure.  It was interesting to read as this was all discussed to me during the course of the procedure and again at the end while I was still on the table but still in a state of  &#?*#!

I'm feeling better and stronger every day but my neck area on the left side is still very sore.  I suspect this area is taking longer to recover as the left side demonstrated multiple areas of abnormal valves and hyperplastic areas of these veins.  According to the report it required multiple dilations at up to 20 atmospheres of the 18-mm angioplasty balloon before the stenosis was ultimately overcome.  I also had narrowing higher up where a 14-mm balloon was placed in that region and inflated to 20 atmospheres.  While doing the left side there was a loud pop at some point that could be heard by both doctors.  While I was worried, the doctors seemed pleased upon hearing this loud sound, go figure!

While doing the azygous area, the doctor had me lift both my arms over my head during this procedure. This was something new that was not performed in Poland.

I will be attaching my full report if anyone is interested in reading it.  It is 4 pages compared to the 10 lines on my Poland report which I could not understand anyways, hi hi.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Second Liberation Procedure - December 3rd, 2010

It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting in my hotel room at Hotel Le Blue in Brooklyn, NY, the day after my liberation procedure by Dr. Sclafani and another doctor who he was training to do the CCSVI procedure.

I have not written in my blog since October because I no longer had any improvements.  I put my procedure on YouTube and sent the link to Dr. Sclafani and this is what he had to say about it: 
dear Sue
i reviewed your youtube video. You have a very pronounced stenosis of the valves of the azygos vein that needs angioplasty. the valves are not opening properly. it is very well seen on the video.
Also the right jugular angioplasty seems undersized. Would like a second look at the left jugular too

WELL that is how I ended up here getting a second procedure.

On Thursday, I had an doppler ultrasound at King's County Hospital where the technologist saw abnormalities, reflux and valve prolems with my left and right jugulars.  I also met two people who were scheduled for the procedure on Saturday.  There was a lady from Toronto and a man from Long Island, NY.

On Friday, I had my procedure at the American Access Care in Brooklyn.  I was in the procedure room for close to 3 hours where I had the following done: The wire and catheter was inserted in my left groan area. The first thing he checked for was May-Thurner Syndrome and he confirmed that I did NOT have May-Thurners. Then he checked my right jugular which had restenosed (blocked back up) and they angioplastied it using a much bigger balloon than the one in Poland which was only a 10mm.  I think it was an 18mm but I have to wait for the report to confirm this.  He then proceeded to the left side where I had two places angioplastied.  One in the area of the collar bone and the other way up by the ear.  In Poland they had told me that the flow was a bit reduced but it was not worth the risk to angioplasty. Dr. Sclafani did mention that my vein on this side was much more narrower than the right side.  They then proceeded to my azygos where he proceeded to do an angioplasty there. Here Poland saw no problem with this area!

I was in excellent hands yesterday.  The staff and the care I received was top-notch.  I should mention that I got sick after the procedure, which they suspect was a result of the medication I received during the procedure.  I also have a history of not tolerating pain medication very well, so I could not enjoy the wonderful sandwich they had prepared for me.  A nurse is on call 24-hours and the doctor is available at any time.  I actually spoke with him this morning to report nausea and weakness from not being able to eat and drink.  But I'm happy to report that this has since past and I feeling much better.

I will keep you updated as to my progress!