Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why I believe in MS and the Vascular Theory?

I was asked this question today and decided I would answer it in my blog.

I guess I’m just tired of the autoimmune theory that for some unknown reason, our system goes haywire and starts attacking our own cells. It was such good news to hear that a vascular surgeon (Dr. Zamboni) doing research, as his wife has MS, found vascular abnormalities in almost 100% of MS patients he studied. I know that his theories have to be proven and that studies have to be done before CCSVI can be accepted as scientific fact but there is a lot of documentation dating as far back as pre-1990 talking about iron deposition and vascular damage in people with MS. When I was in Poland, the 23 MS people who were there, all had blockages and there are now thousands of people getting the procedure with the same results. Many people have reported significant improvement of their MS-related symptoms following venous angioplasty even those who were progressive got some type of benefit.  Here in Canada, Dr Sandy Macdonald found that 90% of the almost 300 MS patients he has tested in Barrie Ontario had CCSVI.

Another important aspect is that it has always been a problem to explain why the autoimmune cells were able to cross the BBB so easily in the MS disease process. I read that the biological mechanisms associated with CCSVI degrade the integrity of the BBB and allow the autoaggressive immune cells to cross the BBB much more easily.

Researchers at Georgetown University have concluded and published comprehensive scientific papers that show that the venous malformations that drive CCSVI are almost exclusively congenital, that is, they were there at birth. This is critical because it shows that CCSVI precedes the MS disease process and is not an effect of it.

Finally I found a link between CCSVI and alternative treatments and supplements and why some MS patients found symptom relief:

Prokarin - combines histamine and caffeine. Both are known vasodilators (open the blood vessels).
LDN - low dose naltrexone. One of the effects of LDN is angiognesis, the creation of new blood vessels.
BEE STINGS - increases histamine in the system, which creates vasodilation (opening of blood vessels).
EGCG - green tea extract- chelates iron from brain tissue and is an anti-oxidant.
HBO - hyperbaric oxygen treatments- increases oxygen delivery to the brain.

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