Sunday, August 15, 2010

Doing Better - Sunday, August 15

Just to let everyone know that I'm doing better.  My energy level is back and I have less stiffness.  My neck is better.  I guess those 100 sit-ups I did on the ab rocket were not done properly!  I will definitely pace myself this time around and only do weight-bearing exercises.  I do have an in-ground heated pool which I was in yesterday.  I know this is the best exercise! 

I'm walking better but I have a lot of pain in my left foot.  I went to see a foot specialist who recommended some custom moulded foot orthotics and a good supporting shoe. Although my foot x-ray looks great except for a bit of arthritis, my foot arch totally collapses in when I stand.

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  1. Sue: John and I got orthotics and could not live without them... My back cracked so much when I first put them on but now I am so in alignment it is unreal. I could not walk 1 km without them... I know they work and we are glad to hear things are going well