Saturday, February 26, 2011

Results of my Doppler Ultrasound - February 26th

On Tuesday, February 22nd, the day of my 20th wedding anniversary, I received some good news.  I went to the Imaging Clinic in Barrie to have my 3-week follow-up doppler ultrasound.  The technician told me that the blood clot in my left jugular is starting to dissolve and there is now some blood flow getting through.  The Coumadin is working.  I went for blood work on Tuesday and my levels were 2.7.  On Friday, I called the doctor to get Thursday's results and it had increased slightly to 2.9.  He told me to continue on the 2 pills a day (10 mg). 

I updated my doctor in Brooklyn and he mentioned that this was great news. He said he doesn't know what happened as he had a group of patients with clotting, the likes of which he has never seen before and has backed off a bit in the over dilation. 

I have lost my balance and have fallen three times in the last week so I'm now using my walker before I really hurt myself.  I can still feel the bruise on my head from the fall I took last week at my sister's place.

Despite not having any improvements from my last procedure, I am very optimistic that the increased blood flow will change things.  I go back to Barrie in 2 months time and hopefully the blood clot will be completely gone by then.

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