Friday, December 10, 2010

One Week Post Procedure - December 10

Well, it's been one week today since I was treated in Brooklyn, NY.  I received today the report of my procedure.  It was interesting to read as this was all discussed to me during the course of the procedure and again at the end while I was still on the table but still in a state of  &#?*#!

I'm feeling better and stronger every day but my neck area on the left side is still very sore.  I suspect this area is taking longer to recover as the left side demonstrated multiple areas of abnormal valves and hyperplastic areas of these veins.  According to the report it required multiple dilations at up to 20 atmospheres of the 18-mm angioplasty balloon before the stenosis was ultimately overcome.  I also had narrowing higher up where a 14-mm balloon was placed in that region and inflated to 20 atmospheres.  While doing the left side there was a loud pop at some point that could be heard by both doctors.  While I was worried, the doctors seemed pleased upon hearing this loud sound, go figure!

While doing the azygous area, the doctor had me lift both my arms over my head during this procedure. This was something new that was not performed in Poland.

I will be attaching my full report if anyone is interested in reading it.  It is 4 pages compared to the 10 lines on my Poland report which I could not understand anyways, hi hi.


  1. Sue---It's good to hear you're feeling stronger and better. I hope the neck pain is gone. Are you experiencing improvements in walking or less fatigue---anything like what you felt after the procedure in Poland? Hope so! Take care,


  2. Not so far, but the doctor told me to be patient as you can't reverse brain damage in days. As for the pain in the neck it is much better.